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Serving the Beaufort, SC and Hilton Head Island, SC areas including Bluffton, Ridgeland, Okatie, Parris Island and Port Royal

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Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors

Carter Floors stands ready to help you with your next hardwood flooring project. From product and style selection for new installation to sanding, repair and finishing for a hardwood refinishing job, you will love your new hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floors Beaufort, SC and Hilton Head Island, SC areas including Bluffton, Ridgeland, Okatie, Parris Island and Port Royal

Dustless Floor Sanding

Dustless Floor Sanding Beaufort, SC and Hilton Head Island, SC areas including Bluffton, Ridgeland, Okatie, Parris Island and Port Royal

At Carter Floors we can proudly say with confidence that our floor sanding work is now 99.9% dust free. Are you afraid to get your hardwood floors refinished because of the fear of dust? Now you don’t have to worry about a thing. Every sander including the little palm sanders are vacuum equipped. The vacuums are dust containment systems with two stage dust collection including filters and bags, preventing residual dust blowback.

New Hardwood Floor Installation

Whether you are installing hardwood flooring for new construction, as part of a remodel or addition or replacing existing flooring, we are here to help. We will help you select the proper type of flooring based on color, style, texture, finish and budget.

Hardwood Flooring Colors

Color is one of the primary features driving hardwood flooring selection. Color is impacted by the wood type, staining and finishing process. Whether you are looking for the warmth of a dark mocha brown, the richness of the red tones, the brightness of the light browns and grays or anything between, we can help you find the color you desire.

Hardwood Flooring Styles

Hardwood flooring comes in three primary styles: plank, strip or parquet.

Plank hardwood flooring is one of the most popular styles. Planks generally range from 3 to 10 inches wide. Use plank when you want to bring out the grain patterns in the wood.

Strip hard flooringuses boards that are around 2 inches wide. Strip flooring can provide a more consistent look across the floor or provide greater contrast between the individual strips, depending on the style you prefer.

Parquet hardwood flooring allows for geometrical patterns throughout your floor utilizing smaller pieces of wood.

Mark Carter,Carter Floos Sulution

Meet Mark Carter

Mark has over 25 years experience installing and finishing hardwood floors. He continues to hone his skill with continuing education on new products, equipment, techniques and industry standards. Mark’s commitment to excellence can be seen in every job. Carter Floors looks forward to putting our high standards to work for you.

Customer Focused Service

Carter Floors is focused on the customer experience throughout the project.

  • Clear quotes of work to be performed, establishing clear expectations
  • Safe work environment
  • Clean job site to minimize disruption to daily life
  • Licensed and Insured to protect your interests

Hardwood Flooring Texture

Depending on the wood type, a hardwood floor can be finished to an almost glasslike smoothness or for certain woods, the ridges and rises of the wood grain can remain to give a more textured feel to your floor.

Hardwood Flooring Finish

The type of finish will determine the final look of your hardwood floors. Finish can range from a satin look to a low gloss to a high gloss. Let us help you explore the pros and cons of each finish type for a floor that is both durable and beautiful.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing existing hardwood floors is one of our greatest strengths at Carter Floors. We take personal pride in restoring older hardwood floors to that new look and luster.

Hardwood Floor Sanding

At Carter Floors, we don’t quick sand your floors. We take time provide an even, thorough sanding across the entire floor service. Special care is taken at walls, doors, room joints and any ventilation or other penetrations. Dents, scratches and any other damage to the floor is repaired. If any damage to the subfloor is discovered, repairs to the subflooring are recommended to extend the life of the hardwoods.

Hardwood Floor Repairs

Any required repairs to your floor will be repaired including removing and replacing damaged wood planks, smoothing any buckling or lippage that may have developed.

Staining and Finishing

Your hardwood floor can be finished to resemble the look of the previous floor or can be changed to a new look within the characteristics of the wood in your floors. Select the level of gloss you desire from a satin finish to a low gloss to a high gloss finish.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing,Hardwood Floor Sanding,Hardwood Floor Repairs,Staining and Finishing

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